If you’re looking to progress on your minimalism journey here are some practical tips, decluttering hacks and inspiration for living a minimalist lifestyle.

  • How to prevent recluttering
    You’ve made a decision to live with less and I bet you’re thoroughly chuffed with your efforts. However, within the physical and mental space left behind by the decluttering process, you may become tempted to fill that void. Here’s what to do if you feel the urge to reclutter…
  • How practicing gratitude can support a minimalist life
    Learn how new things distract us and provide a short-term boost, why this feeling soon wears off and how gratitude can help you hop off the hedonistic treadmill.
  • The decluttering journey – Deciding what to keep
    After feeling despondent about my decluttering efforts, this quote by Francine Jay blew my mind. It changed everything for me and I began minimising with renewed vigour…
  • The non-monochrome minimalist
    Just because many social accounts are dedicated to the monochrome aesthetic of minimalism, it doesn’t mean you have to adopt the same style in order to be a minimalist yourself…
  • The Hotel Experience
    If you’ve ever spent a or two night in a hotel and thought to yourself ‘well, this is all I really need’, you’ll understand what I mean when I say I want to achieve The Hotel Experience in my own home…
  • We’ve all got boxes we haven’t unpacked
    Which is the perfect excuse for decluttering when you’re becoming minimalist but don’t want people to think you’ve gone to the extreme.