Here you’ll find my personal blog posts about my own minimising journey and the progress of my decluttering project.

I hope you’ll find ideas for minimising within these posts and inspiration for your own journey into minimalism.

  • Minimalism and money: are you poor?
    Are you a minimalist because you don’t have any money? What a question. I’ve heard it many times within the minimalism community. People asking minimalists if their way of living is… Read more: Minimalism and money: are you poor?
  • When decluttering causes regrets
    I have regretted decluttering two items in my life. The trouble is that, although I’m happy – over the moon, in fact – with the rest of the stuff I’ve decluttered and the resulting peaceful life and tidy home, I tend to focus on those two items. The ones that got away.
  • What would you put in one box?
    If you had to fit your life into one box could you do that? Would you need to declutter before you could move to a new place? Let’s consider what’s essential and what you could possibly let go…
  • Why lockdown 3 turned me into a compulsive shopper
    Why lockdown 3 turned me into a compulsive shopper and how I was able to step away from the shopping basket before I filled up my wardrobe to bursting point…
  • The clutter of collections & letting them go
    When a childhood collection becomes clutter, how can you let it go? I watched a video that changed my perception and cut through the nostalgia…
  • The decluttering journey – Deciding what to keep
    After feeling despondent about my decluttering efforts, this quote by Francine Jay blew my mind. It changed everything for me and I began minimising with renewed vigour…
  • The Hotel Experience
    If you’ve ever spent a or two night in a hotel and thought to yourself ‘well, this is all I really need’, you’ll understand what I mean when I say I want to achieve The Hotel Experience in my own home…
  • We’ve all got boxes we haven’t unpacked
    Which is the perfect excuse for decluttering when you’re becoming minimalist but don’t want people to think you’ve gone to the extreme.
  • Why the pandemic turned me into a hoarder
    A surprising side-effect of lockdown for me was the urge to re-clutter my home. Here’s why it happened…